Where and how to check for water leaks

Water flow in your home is allowed because of pipes that have been installed in a particular manner that allows the water to flow properly through your home. Leakage is a common and usual problem that can happen any time,however is a serious issue if not fixed in the right time. But how do we know that we have water leaks in our homes? It is not possible to look at each and every pipes withing the walls of your home  but there are a few methods that allow plumbers in recognizing water leaks and where they are coming from exactly.

Sometimes you may hear the dripping sound of water at night when everything is at peace, it can be a leakage or maybe just water dripping from your sink due to not properly closing the water sink valves. Often leaks are not visible, and you might need help from a professional plumber to identify it at its  earliest moment so that no serious or further damage is caused withing your home. Routine check-ups are recommended from time to time to help keep your water pipes and drains free from damages as well as leaks.

How to check for water leaks and Where to find the water leaks?

  • Adding some food coloring: Are you doubting that your pipes are leaking maybe? Do you hear some sound when other things fall silent, but you can’t exactly locate where? What is the better way to find it yourself? Well, all you have to do is add a few drops of ‘Food Coloring’ to your tank. Wait for some time and after which open your tap and see if the water has the same color or not. If no, then probably your doubt is true. If yes, then hey it was just some sounds that doesn’t need your attention. This process best works for checking water leaks in toilets.
  • A water Meter: Installing a Water Meter in your house is probably the best thing you can do to save yourself from paying huge water bills, calling on plumbers and wasting water. Take a Meter reading at one point then wait for a few minutes or an hour to take another Meter reading, and if there is change in the two reading then possible chances of water leaks in your house is true. Another way of using the Meter reading method is by turning off the main water valve of the house. Even after trying hard you are unable to locate the leak and you know that there is one then simply call a plumber.
  • Faucet Leaks: Leaking faucets are easy to recognize because they are located just below the handle. All you have to do is get them replaced using the right set of tools and you can do it all by yourself by shutting off the water supply and by removing the handle of the sink. These tools are easily available in any nearest hardware stores.
  • Shower Heads: Most of the water leaks happen because of loosely done handles of taps and showers. Shower leaks are often not recognized by us because we are too busy noticing it after we had our share of shower. But often there is some water leaking from the head every second. Just go to your bathroom in an odd hour when nobody has showered in hours and see if the shower head is dripping any water drops. If yes, then this is an easy water leak for you to fix.
  • Gardening areas with water facility: If you have a water supply facility present in your garden and hose-bibs as well then you can check for water leaks in regular intervals yourself. All you need for it is a long screwdriver which allows room for you to use it. Then use it to hold the metal part of the hose-bib. Listen to the noise if it is too high then there are chances of leakage. Also, if the garden grass of some area near the hose-bib is much greener or is growing rapidly or is staying moist all the time then there is definitely water leaks happening. Call your plumber in that case.

The steps above may not help at all but that’s when you realize you need a professional to come into your home. Contact a plumber who does some inspection of the pipes and fixtures in regular intervals.